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Explorer Pop Up Gazebo 3mx3m (10ft x10ft)

Explorer Pop Up Gazebo 3mx3m (10ft x10ft)

Product Review (submitted on 8 April 2021):
We bought this after our last gazebo got 'caught' in the wind and its legs snapped. Once I saw this for its design and structure, anything else we looked at did not seem to match it on quality, and the zip/velcro combo are unusual (yet amazing!) , so we decided to go for this 3x3 gazebo.

It is possibly a bit more than we had initially planned on spending, but it gives us a shaded outdoor space, and in light of having had no holiday get away this year I feel it is a very worthwhile investment. We sit outside and chill much later into the night than if we didn't have that space.

It is heavy (robust) weight wise, but fairly easy to put up with two people. The sides are easy to put on, and the zip and velcro keep them well in place. These are made of good and thick quality marerial. My cat has managed to scale her way to the top (jumped off the wall onto the roof, thankfully did not scale the side panel), but had to get her own way down (thems the rules!).... Don't think she'll be doing that again! But there were no claw marks through the roof... Must have been a great slide down the curved bit though.

The top is very secure with the spring mechanism to put tension in the roof. It is a great purchase and I love the colour.
Being extra cautious, the wind (and as importantly wind gusts) are now closely monitored and this gazebo is taken down (easily) so that it does not get damaged, or blow up the street. I would cry! We have a yard so there is no way of tethering this down as of yet, unless we screw into the concrete ground or wall, which I've not quite got my head round yet, so sandbags are currently in use, which is OK but not great.

A completely different quality and standard to the previous one which was under £80, this is well worth the money.

Customer services are amazing, and any questions or queries are dealt with immediately and smoothly. Would certainly recommend this as a purchase, heaven forbid anything happened to mine, I would not hesitate to purchase another, maybe in a different colour.

Looking forward to the weather settling and getting back out there for the summer (and hopefully it will last a few more). Staycation in your own back yard....bring the gin Boris!!

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